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Rod Lenses are extremely polished small diameter transparent rods made by optically homogenous material. After going through carefully controlled manufacturing processes these rods or fibers get precise diameters and unmatched surface finishing quality. When these rod lenses are illuminated to one side, the rods functions like cylindrical lenses, which have the numerical aperture proportional to its refractive index.The rod lenses are cut to the required length and can be ground on the bottom or top, relevant to the direction of the optical axis for facilitating the packaging and orienting anti-reflection coating. The larger are of view is the result of the rounded cross section of the rod lenses. Simple and quite cost-effective alignment of lenses can be done with rod lenses, as most of its positioning errors dramatically end in simple focusing errors that can be resolved easily.
Utility of rod lenses
The rod lenses can be utilized as the fast-axis collimators for the single laser diodes. Laser diode bars of a building cylindrical lens array can also be made with these rod lenses. For accommodating the smaller emitter pitch, rod lens’s edge must be ground to a certain width, so always be careful about it, while using it such kind of applications.Some rod lenses are also designed specifically to act as a relay lens in a rigid endoscope of small diameter. These types of lenses are usually used in the combination with an imaging lens or objective lens to outline the complete optical system.  
We have designed our extensive range of rod lenses to be used in a variety of laser and imaging application, and for that we have availed these lenses in a range of micro sizes. You can easily get the perfectly sized rod lens for the integration into a host of any OEM application. Both coated and no-coated variants are provided by us to our clients, whether they need it for a small scale production or a mass production.Custom sizes, various types of polishes, ground surfaces, and added coatings of special types are subjects of request. We can provide it, but you will need to give us a separate order and some reasonable charges for that. You just need to contact our sales department for this and tell them the detailed specifications that you need with your specific rod lenses.Usually, we provide the rod lenses that are ground on both the ends and polished circumferentially. Talking about the optical performance of these tiny lenses, you will find it equally effective as a cylinder lens. We avail these lenses in diameters as tiny as one millimeter.  
Best price and best delivery of Rod Lens
When we assure you about the reasonable pricing of our products, we genuinely mean it. You can get the quality and the range of customized rod lenses at our prices, anywhere else. We are in this business for a long time, so to maintain our reputation we never compromise with any aspect of our business, whether it’s about the packaging of any consignment or its prompt delivery.


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