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Get the Best that You Can Get in Plano Convex Lens

If you are in optical business or somehow dealing with it, you must be aware about the term Plano Convex Lens. For those, who are not much aware about it, here is a trivia- Plano convex lenses are basically a prominent type of optical lenses that has positive focal length. As the name suggest this type of lenses have a convex surface. These lenses are ideal to have the light collimation. Sometimes, it is also used for the focusing applications, in which they utilize the monochromatic illumination. For the maximum efficiency, the Plano surface (flat one) needs to be face towards the desired focal plane.Plano convex lenses are being used in a vast range of industries and other applications. To be prices, we have clients from sectors like core manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals, defense, and even robotics. We proudly offer the widest range of the Plano convex lenses to our esteemed clients, with an assurance of the best quality. Zero complaints and utmost customer satisfactory is our goal, and we have achieved it so far with all our clients, and we are proud about that. We hope that we will maintain this integrity toward our motto and deliver the best that we can get for our beloved customers.Talking about our company, we are the proud owner of one of the largest inventories of state-of-the-art optical components. This widespread inventory consists of an immense variety of PCX or Plano Convex Lenses. Our tremendous range of PCX lenses offers you both the coated and substrate options that are also in great numbers.
Technical details about our Plano Convex Lenses
Talking about the range of coated PCX lenses of our company, we are offering the finest range of anti reflection coating with these lenses. From Ultraviolet coating to Infrared anti-reflection coating, every type of coated PCX lenses is there for you. UV-AR, Magnesium Fluoride, UV-VIS, VIS-NIR, VIS 0*, and all Kinds of NIR and Telecom NIR are available in the range for you. Well, there are some additional coating options as well, which are specifically designed for the advance laser wavelengths like 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, and 266nm.
As you may know that for infrared applications, some substrates are considered to be ideal. For those applications, we have exclusive range of Germanium, Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), and Silicon substrate Plano Convex lenses.
Advantages of Plano convex lenses

  • It’s perfect for focusing high power Q switched Laser Pulses on the targeted point. The spherical aberration allows it to do so. 
  • The distortion with beam focusing can be reduced to a significant level with PCX lenses.
  • It’s easier to align as well.
  • And lastly the biggest advantage, bi-convex lenses are quite expensive than the Plano Convex Lenses, so if you want to save a fair amount of money prefer PCX over bi-convex lenses. 


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