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Plano Concave Lenses at Reasonable Price

Plano Concave Lenses, as the name suggest these lenses have two surfaces; one of them is plane or flat, and the other one is concave.  These lenses have the negative focal lengths, hence it diverge collimated incident rays of light. A Plano Concave lens will always form virtual images only that can only be seen through the lens.Spherical aberration, distortion, and coma are reduced with the Plano Concave Lenses at negative infinite or near the infinite conjugate ratios. With its concave surface facing the greatest conjugate distance, you can exploit many great advantages with these lenses. Plano Concave Lenses are thicker at their edges, in comparison to their sides, and of course the other side is flat.This special design of these lenses make them useful or we should say perfectly suitable for the beam expansion and light projection. Interesting fact about these lenses is that these are precisely used for the expansion of the focal length of an optical system. In such application the PCV lenses should be kept oriented with the Plano (flat) surface in the direction of the desired focal plane. Though, there is a great range of applications in which Plano Concave Lenses would be used ideally.
Our inventory of Plano Concave Lenses
We proudly owe the large off-the-shelf inventory of outstanding optical components, which obviously include a widespread variety of Plano Concave Lenses.  That range has too many options in terms of material, focal length, diameter, and other specifications. Both coated and substrate PCV lenses are available with us. We provide the supreme anti-reflection coating with our high grade Plano Concave Lenses.Both coated and non-coated lenses precisely meet the international optical standards, so you can rest assure about the quality and longevity that our products will offer you. The anti-reflection coatings have been done by applying the industry standard combinations to optimize throughput for the UV, IR, and Visible spectrums. UV-AR, VIS 0*, UV-VIS, MgF2 are the types of coatings that we provide with our anti-reflection coated PCV lenses. However, the anti-reflection coated Plano Concave lenses of our company are designed as such that it is usable at the condition of 0* incidence angle.UV fused Silica option in substrate PCV lenses is also obtainable with us, as we know that for better performance with UV spectrum in some cases, you will need it. Laser applications and ultraviolet imaging are two of those typical areas, where they require substrate Plano concave lenses of UV fused Silica.
Why us
We have the best quality of almost every grade of Plano Concave lenses for you, and that is also at the most reasonable price. We also provide the luxury of free online quotes to our clients, so that they can be assured about our commitment of best deals. And last but not the least; we proudly say that our delivery services are prompt with its impeccable packaging.  



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