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Meniscus Lenses, often called convex-concave lenses, have one inward curved face and one outward curved face. There are basically two kinds of Meniscus Lenses. First is Positive Meniscus Lenses, while second is obviously Negative Meniscus Lenses.
Positive Meniscus Lenses
Positive ones are specially designed to minimize the spherical aberration of these lenses that makes it suitable for the applications, when smaller f number is required. Usually the f number of Positive Meniscus Lenses remains less than 2.5. The biggest advantage of using the positive ones is it improves the quality of image and simultaneously decreases the spot size.These lenses have larger curvature, which means the radius of curvature is lesser on the convex side, while the radius of curvature is larger on the concave side that enable smaller curvature on that side in a Positive Meniscus Lens. In other words, the outward curve of these lenses is sharper than the inward one that enable a positive focal length of such Meniscus Lenses; and that’s why they are called Positive. Such type of Meniscus Lenses act like a magnifier.
Negative Meniscus Lenses
In case of Negative Meniscus Lenses, the inward curve of the lenses is sharper than the outward one. Basically, Negative Meniscus Lenses are used as the alternative of other kind of negative lenses, but it is predominantly apt for the IR materials of higher index. These types of Meniscus Lenses are most commonly used in the beam expansion application, where they need the minimum spherical aberration in the lenses.
Both types of Meniscus Lenses are ideally used in various optical experiments and prototyping applications.We have availed all the standard diameters and focal lengths for our customers.High energy anti-reflection coatings are also achievable with our complete range of Meniscus Lenses. UV grade fused Silica is the basic material that is used to manufacture these lenses. However, some other material options are also available.Talking about the technical specifications of our range of Meniscus Lenses, we proudly assure you that our lenses have the least diameter tolerance, center thickness tolerance, edge thickness tolerance, and focal length tolerance. Our customers always count on us for their any kind of needs relevant to lenses, because our products have most optimum surface accuracy and quality, clear aperture, damage threshold, durability, chamfer and centering.
How to order   
Well, it’s pretty easy. Explore our well-organized range of Meniscus Lenses and pick the ones you need for your specific applications. The technical specifications are given with each option, which will surely help you to make the perfect choice. After making our choice, head towards the shopping cart and simply order the lenses, just like anything else that you purchase online. Easy payment options are there for your convenience. Within a few days our delivery boy will be knocking your door with your complete consignment.  


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