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Double Convex Lenses are one of the most common kinds of optical lenses. It used in a variety of applications, where imaging objects remain at close conjugates. In other words, these lenses are suitable in image relay practices. The two convex surfaces of these lenses have equal radii. The aberrations of Double Convex Lenses increase with the increasing conjugate ratios. Since, both convex surfaces of these lenses contribute to its power; that’s why the focal length of these lenses is shorter from the Plano convex lenses of same surface radius and diameter.
A wide range of industries use the Double or Bi Convex Lenses, as objectives, magnifiers, and condensing systems. We proudly supply the best quality of all types of bi-convex lenses to the clients of all those industries. We have the largest range of DCX lenses as well. Our company supply both coated and substrate double convex lenses to our clients, and provide a huge variety to choose from, as well. 
The top-class anti-reflection coating is also assured with us, as we provide the most promising combinations for the coating, so that our lenses will give you the maximum performance. We make sure that our lenses will also give the best performance in Ultraviolet, Infrared and of course visible range.
Our range
Once you enter in our range of substrate and anti-reflection coated double convex lenses, you will find so many options to choose from. Different variants have different assets, and specific features that make them suitable for specific applications. We have included all possible variants, so that people looking for even rare kind of lenses will find it with us. That’s what makes us the one-stop-end for all your needs related with lenses.
All possible configurations of double convex lenses are available in our range of substrate lenses. UV Fused Silica and Calcium Fluoride are the materials that we use in our substrates types of DCX lenses. One the other hand, all those variants are also available with different kinds of anti-reflection coatings. UV-AR, VIS 0*, UV-VIS, MgF2 are the types of coatings that we provide with our anti-reflection bi-convex lenses. Both the varieties are perfect for brilliant performances in both IR and UV spectrums, and we guarantee you about that. .
Why us for Double Convex lenses
Just to keep it short and simple, we have the three excellent features that every customer look for, when it comes to have a deal of any type of lenses. Those are:

  • Widest range of double convex lenses classified according to material, diameter, focal lengths etc.
  • Best price in the market with easy payment options.
Prompt and safe delivery of your orders. 


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