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Quality Double Concave Lenses at the Best Price

As the name suggest, Double concave Lenses have both inward faces. Light projection, beam expansion, and image lessening are some of the common applications of these lenses. Ideally, they use it to expand the focal length of any optical system. Since, both the surfaces of these lenses are concave, so the focal lengths of these optical lenses always remain negative. Because of its negative focal length, mostly these biconcave lenses are used in a combination with a variety of other lenses, in various optical systems. The double concave lens can also work as the beam expander, tiny character viewer, & reader, and in a projector. These lenses also come with the AR coating, but it’s up to your use or the application in an optical system, as some combinations specifically demand for anti-refection coated Double concave Lenses. On the other hand, in imaging applications and laser optical system they prefer substrate double concave lenses of UV fused silica, because it offers outstanding transmission characteristics even with the high temperature operations.
We make sure that our UV-AR coating will increase the performance of our lenses, when you use it with the ultraviolet spectrum.
Some salient features of our Double concave Lens
• Our Double concave Lenses precisely have lower spherical aberrations than Plano concave lenses.
• High quality & standardized substrate biconcave lenses are our specialty, which are made up of top grade of UV fused silica.
• We also provide a variety of Anti-Reflection Coatings with all our biconcave lenses. UV-AR, VIS 0*, UV-VIS, MgF2 are some of those options that we have availed for our clients.
• Wide range of dimensions is also available with us. We provide it for both small scale and mass productions.
• We also take the order of customized lenses, in case you don’t find the suitable specification of lenses for your specific applications with our range of double concave lenses.
• We assure you about the best deals when it comes to the pricing of our exclusive range of the double concave lenses.
• You will surely consider our professional packaging and prompt delivery services our business’s forte after dealing with us.
Just explore the range and order easily
Well, we have made it pretty simple for our esteemed clients, as you can see that our perfectly classified range of lenses is easy to explore. There are several options available in the various categories of these lenses; you just need to pick the desired ones by going through these categories. Once you are done with the selection, go for the shopping cart and give us the required details. Various online payment options are there, you can do it with whichever your find convenient. We also provide quotes against your queries, so if you have any, try us. We will ensure you that you won’t get better deals on double concave lenses elsewhere.


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