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Cylindrical Lens: Superlative Quality and Reasonable Price

So, let’s start with the definition of Cylindrical Lens. It is a lens that focuses light surpasses through against a line instead of against a point, as a ball-lens would. The curved face of a cylindrical lens is the section of a cylinder and it focus the image passing all the way through it against a line parallel to the meeting point of surface of the lens and its plane tangent. A Cylindrical Lens will compress the image in the direction perpendicular to the intersection line and leave it unchanged in the direction parallel to the same tangent plane.
Use of Cylindrical Lens
Cylindrical Lens is typically used to focus the input light to a line. These lenses are also very useful in changing the aspect ratio of any image. The reason behind that is the single cylindrical surface that these Cylindrical Lenses have, which cause incident light to be focused in the single dimension only and stretching the targeted image. Cylindrical Lenses come with both positive and negative focal lengths. Both are ideal for the laser line generation. Actually, these laser outputs are circularized by anamorphic beam shaping, which is done by the help of a Cylindrical Lens. These cylindrical lenses are also used in the anamorphic optical systems used for wide screen motion pictures.There are various other optical applications, in which cylindrical lenses can be proved very effective and efficient than other kind of lenses. But, if we take a look broadly, then cylindrical lenses are used wherever one desires to vary the magnification from a meridian to another meridian that is at a right angle.
Availability of cylindrical lenses with us
In our widespread inventory of top class lenses, you will find a fine range of cylindrical lenses. The range includes several types of cylindrical lenses like achromatic, Plano concave, Plano Convex, and acylinder. Achromatic cylindrical lens provides additional color correction by virtue of it chromatic aberration. However, Hybrid Acyliner lenses are also considered to be perfect for the color correction, as well as in minimizing the spherical aberration.We can provide you the cylindrical lenses with the plastic substrates as well as with the glass substrates. Dimensions could be circular, rectangular, and even oblong. Several types of anti-reflection coating can also be provided to you, on your demand. Multiple AR coating options for UV to IR spectrums are obtainable with us. Some of the prime coating options with us are: UV-AR, Magnesium Fluoride, UV-VIS, and VIS-0* and VIS-NIR.To get more details about our other products in cylindrical lenses segment explore our range, or contact us through mail. You can send us your queries, and requests for the quotes. We will reply you appropriately and timely. You can also ask for the catalogue and get detailed prescription data about the cylindrical lenses of our company.


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