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Ball lenses or spherical lenses perform surprisingly excellent in various optical applications. At close inspection, one can find that these lenses can be separated into two different Plano convex lenses, by a plane and parallel plate. In that case the resultant positive lenses will have under corrected spherical aberration, while the plane parallel plate is the overcorrected. That’s why there is always a compensating effect, when you use the ball lens. Basically, the manufacturing of ball lenses is done by a single substrate of glass that can easily focus or collimate incident light rays, according to the geometry of the light source or input source. It is also considered to be an extremely polished transparent spheres made by the optically homogenous materials. Most of the optical fiber applications, where they need a coupling element, ball lenses come out to be a preferred choice. These lenses are suitable to use in the visible and slightly near the IR spectrum.

However, there are certain limitations with it, which would need special analysis to be understood. You must conduct this analysis with your optical application, because it will help you to find the right diameter of the ball lens for your system. There is a term called Sphericity that means the amount of deviation of the ball lens from a perfect transparent sphere. You must also know the spericity of your required ball lens, because sometimes it also helps you to get the right dimension of the lens.Well, ball lenses are regarded as the perfect optical components for improving coupling signals between not only optical fibers, but also between detectors and emitters. Endoscopy, sensor applications, and bar code scanning, and are some other uses of the ball lenses. Interestingly, ball lenses are proved to be ideal for the pre-forms for aspheric lenses.Half-ball lenses are also very common and always remain in demands. The reason is simple; because these lenses can be interchanged with the full-ball lenses. Usually, there are some physical constraints that force them to use half-ball lenses instead of full-ball lenses. Well, mostly it is used for a more compact design of the optical system, because obviously spherical lenses will occupy more space than the half-spherical lenses.

Ball lenses also have high index for a closer focal length and high tolerance. If you want to decrease the back focal length of your optical system, then you are in need of our high index spherical lenses. The shorter distance will also simplify the fiber coupling for you, and more than anything else the resulting matrix will have the same and improved tolerance like a very high tolerant matrix.We provide the best ball lenses with precise diameters and literally unsurpassed surface finishing. Various dimensions and AR coatings are also available with us. If you are dealing with us, then you can be rest assure about the reasonable pricing, and timely delivery with exceptional packaging.


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